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I have been interested in photography for many years now. For me, it provides an escape from the routine of everyday life and gives me the opportunity to explore and interact with the world in a totally different way.

Whether it is seeing things for the first time or just being present in the moment, I am constantly seeking fresh opportunities to feed my creative spirit. Like others, I am drawn to the magical light of sunrise and sunset but will still shoot at any time of the day, often turning my attention to different subjects. I strive to capture the drama and emotions involved and where possible try to include a sense of movement.

Photography can be highly addictive and you can suffer withdrawal symptons ...
I tend to have a wandering eye and enjoy taking pictures of most things -. My calling is equally as strong whether I am shooting a jet fighter, the architecture of a cathedral, a swan in flight or a sunset by the coast and it is for this reason that I prefer not to label myself as just a 'landscape' photographer.

It is a very personal journey, an emotional rollercoaster full of highs and lows, but when everything comes together the sense of achievement can far out way the early morning starts, the long distance travelling and the hours spent in front of a computer. It also makes photography highly addictive.

My Images
In addition to the range of products available through this website, I regularly undertake commissions for both private and commercial use and I am represented by several international stock libraries including :

Getty Images Alamy

My images have been published in magazines (more recently Somerset Life, Country Life, Digital Camera, Amateur Photographer & PhotoPlus), national newspapers, books and used in corporate brochures and websites.

None of the pictures I take ever seem to get hung up !
All of this has not been possible, I hasten to add, without the encouragement and continued support given by my wife Judy. I am eternally grateful to her in so many ways, not least because she has to share our house with a multitude of camera bags and tripods, but for putting up with bare walls as none of the pictures I take ever seem to get hung up... !

I do hope you enjoy browsing through the images on my website, these represent only a small proportion of my collection and I will be updating this site regularly - so please visit again soon !

Nick Cable

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